The Collection

Sergio Magnani passed away in February 2001, leaving a precious collection to the Artistic Education Foundation in his will. In addition to personal documents about his life and professional career, this collection provides us with a privileged view of the agents, cultural facts and institutions linked to Music in Belo Horizonte and Brazil, in the period from 1951 to 2000. It is worth highlighting - in addition to other items - the significant collection of room programs, opera and symphonic music scores, opera librettos and the record of his important work restoring scores from the colonial music period of Minas Gerais. His library covers numerous fields in Philosophy, Aesthetics, Literature, as well as dictionaries of the various languages he mastered and researched. Among the decorations conferred on Magnani are medals and diplomas that attest, mainly, to the recognition of Minas Gerais and São Paulo for the value of his cultural and human contribution and his personality. And it is also possible, in Sergio Magnani's collection, to glimpse a little of his personal life and see information about his life revealed there, through his correspondence, photos or personal objects.